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We're unable to maintain this app anymore and as such it has been removed by Apple due to age and legacy code base.

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(shohn - toh) - Noun; an honest, unbiased opinion.

Who do you trust more? The kind friend that tells you your questionable outfit looks great, or the silent masses staring in revulsion all night?

tionto lets you harness the power of the herd. Take a quick snap of anything and let the world give you it’s even-handed opinion.

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How does tionto work?

tionto answers your questions. Simply upload an image, ask your question and let the world answer.


The tionto community can answer with a "yes" or "no", a "this" or "that", or any other options you give them.

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tionto emoji overlay

Emoji Overlay

Difficult question? Don’t want to go viral? Use emoji stickers to hide anything identifying.


Use hashtags to get answers quickly!

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What is tionto? or shon toe? or tion to?

Have you ever wanted to get an honest opinion from someone but always have trouble locating someone non-bias or even available to give you that honest opinion? Friends are always too kind to give you an honest opinion and when you're shopping alone for some you time then you only have the opinion of the shop assistants who are usually more than happy to tell you their entire product catalogue would look good regardless of the truth!

tionto is a place where you can take a quick snap of something and ask the world for their opinion on if that something is good, bad, agreeable or not... you can even word your question with a "this or that" and the two options available to the world to answer become "this" and "that".

With added features like overlaying emoji stickers to hide unwanted aspects of your photos, to hash tagging so others can locate quickly.

You will have fun both asking the world for its opinions as well as sharing your opinion.


  • completely free for this version. ( We do not have plans to charge for access but we also do not own a crystal ball so who knows what the future holds for tionto )
  • requires an internet connection.
  • supports hash tagging and searching tags.
  • fun emoji stickers for your photo.
  • supports abuse reporting as well as a help option for email support.

Version 3.1.10
( Current )


  • Bug fixes where answers are being added to the perspectives other than history.
  • Added administration features to assist moderators.

Version 3.1.9

First public release of the app, contains:

  • Account blocking
  • Ask deletion
  • Settings limitations on minimum answers and maximum reportings
  • UELA acceptance on Registration and Login ( App Store requirements )

Version 3.0
( Rejected )

First attempted public release of the app, contains:

  • Full functioning layout
  • Registration, Login, Verification and Forgot password
  • Full display list of Asks
  • Search by Tags
  • Full function on submitting ask with emoji stickers.
  • Abuse reporting
  • Answer support for yes/no or agree/disagree and this or that detection

Version 2.3
( Private Beta )

Second private release of the app, contains:

  • Enhanced layout
  • Improved list of asks
  • Submit answer for asks

Version 0.1
( Private Beta )

First private release of the app, contains:

  • Basic layout
  • Registration and Login
  • List asks
  • Submit new ask

Latest Asks

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is my lizard comfortable under his heat lamp?
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#TonyAbbott funny poster?
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#TonyAbbott funny poster?
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#TonyAbbott funny poster?
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what breed of dog?
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I love this view from the roof top at the #CityGardenGrandHotel #Manila
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will max join us?
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do you envy the cable guy who maintains this infrastructure? #cables
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sometimes it's easy to give up, but at least you tried.
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love or like this image?
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#Free #Kittens real or fake?
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new model #FidgetSpinners, do you want one?
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Authentic #Mexican #SideDish anyone?
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